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NovoConnect uzlabo komandas produktivitāti un komunikāciju, neapdraudot drošību.
NovoConnect savienojamības ierīces ir paredzētas lietotājiem, kuri vēlas paplašināt savu esošo audiovizuālo aprīkojumu un pievienoties jaunajam bezvadu sadarbības laikmetam.


Share your screen wirelessly
With the NovoConnect Add-On devices, meeting participants are able to wirelessly show their device screen on a larger display. Use the capability of hassle-free mirroring, fully adapted to the BYOD practice. Thanks to the cross-platform compatibility with Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Android and iOS, the connection is smooth and easy. In addition, users can make a direct connection to the Windows 10 Miracast. Guests will benefit from an optional LauncherPlus USB, which is an extension for direct WiFi connectivity from any laptop.

NovoConnect offers a suite of collaboration tools ranging from the ability to switch participants’ screens dynamically, to displaying up to four participants simultaneously. Meanwhile, advanced moderation functions help the meeting host to remain in control of the meeting agenda.

Safeguard your meetings
All NovoConnect products offer built-in security features, which include the AES-256 encryption, dual networks to separate guest and employee networks and a password-protected configuration. The optional LauncherOne for laptop connectivity ensures the solution’s true compliance with DLP policies and GDPR guidelines. A key factor for the successful rollout of a wireless collaboration solution is the ease of use and maintenance. All NovoConnect products are designed to be integrated into the network and controlled centrally with the Remote Manager software.

Two in One - seamlessly switch from Wireless Collaboration to Digital Signage
The NC-X700 and NC-X900 offer more than ‘just’ wireless collaboration. Both models add even more value by offering a seamless switch to a Digital Signage in 4K resolution. Thanks to its built-in NovoDS Digital Signage solution, creating messages and company announcements is smooth and easy. An intuitive drag-and-drop interface enables users to transform idle screens into active digital announcement boards to communicate messages. It gives you the opportunity to transform idle screens into active digital announcement boards to actively communicate messages, thus to maximize the investment.

Key benefits:
- Wireless collaboration & digital signage integrated
- Windows 10 Miracast screen mirroring
- Supports 4K display resolution
- Wireless screen-out duplication 1-way (NT receiver)
- Screen mirroring: Miracast-Win 10, iOS, Google Cast
- Display resolution: 4K-UHD

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