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ELMO HS-G1 Huddle Space

SKU: 2700

Izmantojot ELMO Huddle Space, jūs varat vienlaikus savienot līdz astoņām ievades ierīcēm ar vienu displeju vai projektoru. Nospiežot tikai vienu pogu, varat vienmērīgi pārslēgties no vienas ierīces uz otru, lai pārraidītu nepieciešamo saturu uz ekrāna.


With the ELMO Huddle Space you can connect up to eight input devices simultaneously to one display or projector. By pushing just one button you can seamlessly switch from one device to another to broadcast its screen. An atmosphere for effective work collaboration arises where content is shared and discussed.
A very useful feature is the recording function. If you wish your meeting is recorded on SD memory card as video with audio. This way, you can share the meeting with others, replay or keep it for future reference. This makes the Huddle Space an interesting tool for small learning groups.
ELMO created a wired solution to insure a high combability and to abandon any software. A further plus of the wired solution is the parallel use of Huddle Space and wireless access to the internet.

ELMO Huddle Space
- 8 x HDMI input
- Direct output to a projector or display via VGA, HDMI or HDBaseT
- Seamless switching between the input devices
- Built-in microphone
- Screenshots and video recording with audio
- No software needed
- 3 different versions available
- 2 years warranty

Compatible With Any HDMI Device. The Huddle Space can accommodate any HDMI equipped device; iPad, Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Android, or even your favorite ELMO Doc Cam.
Seamlessly Switch Devices. Switching from one device to another is as simple as pressing a button. Each input has a corresponding button and when a button is pressed, that student's screen is broadcast to the shared display.
Built-in Mic. A conferencing microphone on top of the unit captures the conversation happening as students are presenting and collaborating. This gives teachers additional insight into how the students are working together and the ability to review the work process later.

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