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Bezvadu paliknis pierakstiem ELMO CRA-2

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Bezvadu paliknis ērtai informācijas ievadei. Vadiet nepieciešamos pierakstus no jebkuras vietas telpā. Savietojams ar ELMO dokumentu kamerām (L-12iD, L-12F, L-12W, MA-1, MO-2)


Using the CRA-2 tablet you can wirelessly mark and annotate directly onto live images of an ELMO visualiser. Furthermore, you can control the visualizer and use presentations tools like the highlight or task function from the wireless tablet from up to 10m away. Connected to a computer the CRA-2 can also replace your mouse. You can use your PC from any position in the classroom. With the CRA-2 tablet you direct the attention of your audience towards the discussed topic from anywhere in the room.

- Control your visualiser from anywhere in the room
- Edit and mark live & still images
- Up to 15h operation with Li-battery
- Replaces the mouse when working with PC
- 1 years warranty
- Easy Setup, Just Plug & Play
- Wireless control from up to 15m distance
- Compatible with PC/Mac

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