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Digital Signage sistēma NovoDS

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Mūsdienās publiskā informācija ir jāsniedz ātri, precīzi un mērķauditorijai viegli uztverami. Parocīgās un viegli uzstādāmās Digital Signage sistēmas NovoDS risinājums ļauj ātri un bez piepūles sasniegt auditoriju.


Flexible and easy-to-use software
- NovoDS Studio is completely free software which allows users to arrange their playlists however they like.
- Support for a wide range of dynamic content, from text, audio, photos and videos to webpages, Google Calendar, Twitter, RSS, weather, IP streaming, etc.
- User-friendly drag-and-drop interface for signage content creation — programming skills not required
- Built-in playlist templates for easy content creation, or build your own from scratch in seconds
- Synchronize media content automatically from remote storage (Dropbox, FTP, etc.)
- Efficient HTML5 rendering to support rich interactive content

Powerful device management
- Content update over wired and wireless networks
- Manage and monitor device playback status from a central computer
- Compatible with Windows® and macOS® operating systems
- Playlist scheduling on daily, weekly, and monthly
- Plug-and-play for easy setup and configuration, including device auto-discovery
- Integrated RS232 control interface for users to control external equipment
- Kensington® security slot to prevent theft or movement of the device
- Low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) – no software license fee, and free software upgrades

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