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Pāreja no HDMI uz USB Adena A-BR01


Adena A-BR01 pāreja nodrošina datoru pārveidot par straumēšanas staciju.


Record, stream and videoconference with RADA bridge.
Key features:
- High performance capture at 1080p 60 fps;
- Plug-and-Play, no drivers or software needed;
- Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux;
- Convert your video device and stream to VOD platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, etc. from a PC;
- Use your high quality HDMI camera with software-based videoconferencing systems, e.g. Skype, Hangouts, etc.;
- Convert your PlayStation, Xbox, or other gaming console and record/stream it via OBS, Wirecast, and other software;
- Directly share content of your interactive board or projector via software-based videoconferencing;
- Add voice-over to your recordings.

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