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Vivotek FE9191 Indoor Fisheye Network Camera

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VIVOTEK’s FE9191 is the next generation of market-leading 12-Megapixel 360° panomorph network camera, featuring a detailed 12-Megapixel CMOS sensor which guarantees superb image quality. Utilizing the latest in panomorph lens technology for 180° panoramic view (wall mount) or 360° surround view (ceiling/wall mount) with zero blind spots, the camera is able to provide comprehensive coverage of open areas such as airports, shopping malls, parking lots, retail stores, offices and more.



Key features:
- 12-Megapixel CMOS Sensor
- Real-time H.265, H.264 and MJPEG Compression (Triple Codec)
- 30 fps @ 2816x2816
- 1.29 mm Panomorph Lens for 180° Panoramic View and 360° Surround View
- Removable IR-cut Filter for Day & Night Function
- WDR Pro (120dB) to Provide Extreme Visibility in High Light Contrast Scenes
- Panoramic PTZ Function with Speed Dome Camera for Monitoring Detailed Regional View
- Smart Motion Detection to Reduce False Alarms
- Smart VCA (Intrusion Detection, Crowd Detection, Loitering Detection)
- Trend Micro IoT Security
- ePTZ for Data Efficiency
- Support Client Side Dewarping
- Pixel Calculator for Image Clarity Measurement

The FE9191 is the successor to FE8191 in the VIVOTEK 360° surround view family. The new model is equipped with a removable IR-cut filter and WDR Pro technology, allowing the camera to maintain optimal image quality around the clock for unparalleled visibility under high-contrast lighting environments. 3D Noise Reduction technology enables the camera to capture clear, polished video under low-light conditions. The FE9191’s use of the latest in panomorph lens technology has led to much improved image quality with a huge drop in edge distortion.
The FE9191 also now includes a new wave of advanced Video Content Analyses (VCA) - Smart VCA, including intrusion detection, crowd detection, and loitering detection. These features are the next steps in elevating surveillance cameras from image capturing devices to advanced notification instruments, allowing users to see more in smarter ways.

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