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Vivitek HK2200 Home Cinema projector

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The 4K home entertainment projector enables users to fully enjoy the large-screen thrills and details of 4K at an affordable price.
Vivitek’s home cinema projectors can be perfectly integrated into any home cinema system. They project movies with the finest detail in 1080p resolution, coupled with deep colours and high black levels to fully enjoy either 2D or 3D entertainment at home. They are ideal to create an authentic cinematic experience in your living room or dedicated home cinema room.



Designed to entertain, the HK2200 delivers a large projection screen area greater than 220 ncm wide and more than 100” diagonally in 4K resolution. Furthermore the projector includes the latest 4K-UHD DMD chip, which enables full 8.3 million pixels to be displayed on the screen. The true-to-life colour accuracy with a Rec.709 colour gamut space and perfect colour reproduction. The ViviPeaking function optimizes the sharpness and distinguishes visuals even more precisely, while ViviPeaking function, improves detail accuracy for an optimal viewing experience. Action film buffs will appreciate the enhanced viewing experience delivered by ViviMotion. This frame interpolation function reduces motion judder to create a fluid and flawless video stream. It processes and increases the intermediate frames in between originals, in order to create a smooth film viewing experience.

Key features
- Superior image quality with full 8.3M pixels 4K-UHD resolution on the display to enjoy the large-screen thrills and details with above 100" projection size
- True to life colour performance with 100% REC.709 colour standard, and 80% DCI-P3 colour gamut space
- Advanced visual enhancement features are set to transform the viewing and entertainment experience at home
- VividMotion processor feature reduces motion blur in fast moving objects creating a fluid video stream
- ViviPeaking function optimizes the sharpness and enhances details to delivery distinguish visuals with even better clarity
- Tailor the viewing experience with a full set of colour management tools to fine tune the color result to its best. ISF adjustment tools for ISF-certified specialist to calibrate to your individual environment
- Rich connectivity with dual HDMI, HDCP2.2 support, USB multimedia viewer, and wireless mirroring capacity
- Chromecast-ready to use external wireless casting equipment and power it directly from the projector USB port
- Trigger function for external device control, such as activating a screen or a sound system when turning the projector on
- Compact size & flexible placement factors to fit into your living room
- 3 year warranty

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