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Vivitek H1188-BK Home Cinema projector

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An outstanding home cinema projector with embedded VividMotion
Vivitek’s home cinema projectors can be perfectly integrated into any home cinema system. They project movies with the finest detail in 1080p resolution, coupled with deep colours and high black levels to fully enjoy either 2D or 3D entertainment at home. They are ideal to create an authentic cinematic experience in your living room or dedicated home cinema room.



The H1188 with a Full HD 1080p resolution delivers 2,000 ANSI lumens of brightness with a high contrast ratio of 50,000:1. The projector includes the VividMotion technology that allows the smoothening of the picture during a fast pan movement. This feature is specially appreciated during the display of action movies and sport events. To ensure accurate colour and realistic reproduction, this model is also equipped with a six-segment color wheel. Easy to set up and install, the Vivitek H1188 projector features a vertical lens shift for greater installation flexibility. The H1188 comes with a complete set of multimedia connectivity options such as HDMI v1.4, MHL inputs to allow users to connect their cable/satellite receiver, Blu-Ray disc player or video gaming console, as well as various I/O ports such as VGA, S-Video, component and composite video, 3D Sync, RS-232, and 12v trigger.

Key features
- Full HD 1080p (1920x1080) resolution for the best quality, sharpness and clarity of image
- High brightness of 2,000 ANSI lumens and high 50,000:1 contrast ratio ensuring a crisp and sharp image
- DLP® DarkChip3™ and BrilliantColor™ technologies for optimal black levels and vibrant colorful images
- Six segment color wheel for outstanding color reproduction
- VividMotion reduces fast-moving motion judder to create a fluid and flawless video stream
- Vertical len shift for greater installation convenience and flexibility
- Built-in 10W audio speaker for high quality audio playback
- Energy efficient lamps that last up to 5,000 hours (in dynamic eco. mode)
- Conveniently adjust the zoom and focus manually at the turn of a button
- Sealed engine to minimize the impact of dust and smoke
- Top sided lamp cover for simple lamp removal and insertion
- Integrated Closed Caption Decoding (CCD) automatically converts the audio portion of a tv’s signal and displays it as subtitles on the projected screen
- Anti-theft security features include: Kensington® security slot, security bar, and PIN lock keypad
- 3 year warranty

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