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Vivitek DW771USTi Ultra Short Throw projector

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Ultra short throw lens can make 100 inch projection screen from as little as 44cm away
Vivitek offers a large mix of digital projectors for educational offering teachers ease of use and reliability in the classroom, as well as providing students with a great visual learning aid. The interactive education portfolio offers robust features and innovations, such as 3D technology and is available in a range of short-throw and ultra-short-throw projectors.



The DW771USTi is the ultimate interactive ultra-short-throw projector for the education with 3500 lumen of brightness and WXGA resolution . The projector offers a 100 inch diagonal 2.15 metre wide projection image from as little as 44cm away from the screen surface. As well as delivering an optimal viewing experience, the DW771USTi ensures a high sound quality thanks to in-built 2x10W speakers. The DW771USTi supports multi-users with dual pen functionality and an optional Finger Touch Unit with 10 points. It is HID driver-free and, for further convenience, the interactive pen can be used like a computer mouse without the complications of installing a driver. This projectors it a robust alternative to flat panels when a 100 inch size screen is required.

Key features
- Ultra short throw lens to make 100 inch screen at only 44cm away
- 3,500 ANSI lumens of brightness, WXGA resolution, and 10,000:1 contrast ratio for clear, crisp and bright projection
- Built-in interactivity for multi users with 2 pens or optional finger touch
- 2x 10W speakers and microphone input ensure you are clearly heard
- Long lasting life with up to 12,000 hours lamp-life
- Eco Friendly and Energy Saving with sleep timer and also auto-power-off when there is no signal input
- Integrated network monitoring and management solutions including Crestron® RoomView™, and etc.
- 5 year education warranty
- Compatible with NovoConnect wireless collaboration solution

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