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Smart thermo screener

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Convenient and fast solution to take care of yourself and other security in public places. Smart thermo screener provides temperature measurement, face recognition, as well as face mask recognition and warning when mask is not worn.



Face recognition terminal integrates infrared focal plane thermal imaging temperature screening module, supports 0.5-1.2 M long-distance temperature screening, 0.3 °C error, recognition speed is less than 300MS, real-time temperature display. Alarm immediately when body temperature is abnormal.

Face recognition terminal is built with the world's leading face recognition algorithm, with high accuracy and fast speed. It also supports accurate recognition in the case of multiple faces, side faces, semi-occlusion, and blur, especially in epidemic situations. It can detect whether to wear a mask first, send out a voice reminder for not wearing a mask, and then perform temperature detection and face recognition for the person who has worn a mask.

Main features:

- Contactless recognition of face and mask.
- Face recognition accuracy: 99.99%.
- Face recognition speed: <300ms.
- Detection distance within 2 meters.
- Quick installation: up to 5 minutes.
- Body temperature is measured from the entire face area and not from a specific point.
- It can be used for monitoring to track employee arrival and departure.
- Adapted to the active flow of people, the database can store up to 50,000 faces.
- You can apply for the device test.

Support settings: date, time, thermal imaging display, body temperature display, welcome message, and whether to wear a mask reminder.

Additional information

Dimensions 12.0 × 26.3 cm
Recognition height

1.2 - 2.2 metres, adjustable angle

Recognition distance

0.5 - 2 metres, variable lens

Face angle

30 degrees left and right, 30 degrees up and down

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