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Newline Flex touch monitor 27"

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Newline Flex touch monitor 27" is all-in-one collaboration device with world-class touch and writing function. It provides high-end personal video conferencing. Plug-and-play function ensures quick and easy preparation for work.



Control at your fingertips

Intuitive button design will ensure you are always in control while you are on a video call. Not all video conferencing software is equally intuitive. Also, control menus might move while other people are presenting. You will often find yourself looking for a way to mute. Flex ensures these functions are always within reach with cam & mic control, no matter how the software may have moved the control menu.

Express yourself in the digital workspace

Easily tilt Flex into a comfortable angle to start writing. Palm rejection allows you to use the pen in a natural writing position. The Flex active pen works fluently with Windows Ink. Simply annotate over any document using any software and save your notes.

Plug and play in any way

Simply plug in your laptop and you instantly upgrade to a world-class touch, writing and videoconferencing experience. Easily power your device with the powered USB-C connection. No need for a learning curve, just use your existing desktop device. Want to remove all the clutter and cables from your desktop? Plug in an SDM for fully integrated computing power.

Bringing videocalls in life

Human interaction over video calls is often tiring. Better capture your voice without background interference, clear images due to the 4K camera and better sound experience through high-end speakers and subwoofer.

Main features:
- Desktop touch panel 27"
- P-Cap 20 points multi-touch
- 4K resolution
- Optical Bondng technology panel
- 1x camera
- 8x microphones
- Active pen stylus MPP 1.51
- Subwoofer
- SDM slot
- 3 years warranty

Additional information

Weight 10.2 kg


Display size



4K/UHD 3840x2160

Operating System


Touch Technology


Wireless connection



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