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Newline ATLAS interactive display 75"

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ATLAS is Newline’s all-new powerful education solution. Contemporary slim bezel design, fast performance and a native 4K Android interface are ATLAS’ key characteristics. Built in microphone allows voice commands and the unique integrated connection for the Newline soundbar enables easier operation for better and more powerful sound through only one cable! No remote needed. The native 4K Android interface promotes a premium user experience.



Designed for classrooms, Newline ATLAS integrates essential teaching tools and wireless casting capabilities to encourage students to participate, interact with each other and learn proactively.

Newline adds power to your class

ATLAS helps students collaborate in teams, brainstorm their ideas and develop solutions. It brings STEM revolution to classrooms. Inspire students to work together with the help of team-focused collaborative tools.

Newline improves remote and face-to-face education

Built in microphone allows the usage of voice to text software and improves the remote education experience. Also, the unique integrated connection for the Newline soundbar enables a more powerful sound through only one cable!

Newline offers a premium user experience

With up to 20 points of touch, get a highly responsive, lag-free multi-touch experience on ATLAS. It allows your team to work and write at the same time together without any limits. And enjoy navigating across the native 4K Android interface!

Fast performace

Nimbly navigate between the files and get a faster response using your favourite applications with an enhanced hardware equipment.

Share your screen and files— wirelessly and effortlessly

Don’t waste precious time connecting cables to other devices. Cast your screen wirelessly to share your content or start a lesson, all with the click of a button.

Additional information

Weight 55 kg


Display size



4K/UHD 3840x2160

Operating System

Android, Windows

Touch Technology


Wireless connection



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