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LauncherPlus USB-C connector

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Invite guests or team members to instantly connect to the NovoConnect unit from their laptops using Launchers. A mix of all three models can be used to accommodate different guest and internal user needs in the meeting room. No matter the setting, Launchers work with all NovoConnect solutions. Meeting participants can project wirelessly at ease without configuration - simply plug the LauncherPlus or LauncherPlus USB-C Edition into your laptop.



A set of 2pcs LauncherPlus with embedded wifi. USB-C connector.
Offering the same features as the standard LauncherPlus, the LauncherPlus USB-C offers adapterfree compatibility for laptops not equipped with USB-A ports.

Full Compatibility
The LauncherPlus and LauncherPlus USB-C edition are fully compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Plug and Play
With a direct ad-hoc wireless connection to the main unit and a Plug and Play USB connection to the laptop, guests can join in and collaborate quickly and easily, all without accessing your secure corporate network.

Connect any device with the free software provided
For a full BYOD experience, users can directly connect using their laptop and the free Desktop Streamer software or using the NovoPresenter app on any mobile device with GoogleCast and Airplay support. For added convenience, Vivitek offers a choice of three Launchers to create a direct laptop connection without a full software installation.

LauncherPlus Base
To keep meeting room environments tidy and clutter-free, Vivitek now offers the LauncherPlus Base holder. This stylish accessory is designed to neatly store all types of Launcher units, keeping meetings rooms and tables looking smart and organised.

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