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LauncherOne USB-A connector

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Invite guests or team members to instantly connect to the NovoConnect unit from their laptops using Launchers. A mix of all three models can be used to accommodate different guest and internal user needs in the meeting room. No matter the setting, Launchers work with all NovoConnect solutions. Enabling meeting connectivity and collaboration while maintaining full data integrity and network security.



LauncherOne is specifically designed for companies with strict Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and IT security policies that lock USB ports for storage devices and do not allow corporate network-based wireless presentation solutions. LauncherOne includes a physical HID device and a portable application file. No administrator rights needed.

LauncherOne is Data Loss Prevention compliant
Compatible with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) compliance policies, LauncherOne has been designed to keep data secure. As it is a USB storage free device, it prevents unauthorized data transfer, keeping your company’s information protected. Furthermore, your data benefits from robust AES-256 encryption, to ensure safe wireless communication at all times.

LauncherOne offers hassle-free deployment and updates
Your main deployment server can push the LauncherOne application file easily to all client devices. Additionally, the LauncherOne application file doesn’t need very high privileges to install, as it falls into the lower category of privileges required to deploy it. Therefore, large-scale deployments are very easy to do, as is rolling out any updates – an important consideration for IT managers under pressure to resolve more important day-to-day technology issues.

LauncherOne designed for locked USB slots
LauncherOne is an effortless and secure way to collaborate and share information. With no USB storage functionality, it is not detected as a storage device meaning that there is no need to white-list it or to change the security settings of your company.

LauncherOne has zero impact on existing network traffic
Network performance must never be compromised. Thanks to the dedicated and direct wireless connection between the LauncherOne and the NovoConnect main unit, existing network traffic is not affected by it, meaning critical business applications continue to run as they should.

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