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Green Walls for Hush

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Improve air quality; improve workplace experience. Our fully equipped Green Wall system allows you to cover the exterior panels on each Hush pod with plants. The system comes with a frame, integrated flower pots, and electronic irrigation.

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Structural elements: Structural wall and case of the container in cosmos grey colour, made of melamine chipboard, 18 mm thickness, taped around by 2mm PCV. Black flower pot pockets, made of UV and damage resistant material. Water container made of glass, 5mm thickness, forming seamless, hermetic construction. The frame of the leg in cosmos grey colour. Construction made of steel profiles welded, 20 x 20 mm. Powder-coated construction. The frame of the leg construction fitted with non-adjustable feet. (the system does not include the plants).


Green Wall M: 1110 x 220 x 2212 mm (for HushMeet, HushMeet.Open, HushMeet.L, HushWork)

Green Wall S: 640 x 220 x 2212 mm (for HushMeet.S, HushMeet.Open.S, HushMeet.L, HushTwin)

Green Wall P: 640 x 220 x 2148 mm (for HushPhone)

Number of pots:

Green Wall M: 90

Green Wall S: 45

Green Wall P: 42

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Cosmos Grey

Green Wall dimensions (mm)

1110x220x2212 (M), 640x220x2148 (P), 640x220x2212 (S)


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