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Arec DS-X01 Media Decoder

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A convenient device for viewing and monitoring IP streams both inside and outside of your network. Supports up to 99 streams in its list with the ability to display 1 at any time. Scroll through the streams by using touch interface, computer mouse, or buttons.



Display Video Sources from Anywhere
AREC DS-X01 Media Decoder can decode IP Streaming directly, making it easy to be viewed on the local display. The IP streaming video sources can be from anywhere via an IP LAN Ethernet connection, including campus studio, real-time lecture seminar at school, live events, streaming from CDNs, video-on-demand content, IP camera viewing for insect observation or environment monitoring, and campus security.

H.264 Streaming Media Decoder
AREC DS-X01 Media Decoder is a high-performance, embedded and standalone device, enabling to decode video and audio over a standard IP network, connect local HDMI/VGA/3.5mm Stereo inputs, and output HD video via HDMI and VGA/Stereo Line-Out ports.

Instantly View and Display IP Streams
AREC DS-X01 can decode 1080p IP streaming inputs (up to 99 streams) via an IP LAN Ethernet connection in RTMP/RTP/RTSP protocols. It employs standard H.264/AVC video decoding and AAC audio decoding, and outputs 1 HD video from 640x480 to 1080p60 resolution via HDMI, VGA or 3.5mm Stereo line-out interfaces.

Local HDMI/VGA and Stereo Audio Inputs
Supporting local HDMI, VGA and 3.5mm Stereo line-in inputs, AREC DS-X01 allows you to connect a local presentation source easily, including from a laptop, desk computer, media player, document camera, or other devices.

Simple-to-Use & Easy Integration
DS-X01 can be simply connected via a HDMI or VGA cable to any monitor or screen. You can use the front buttons of machine, on-screen graphical user interface, and external control device to switch output source freely. With available APIs, DS-X01 can be accessed seamlessly for third party integration.

Adding Streaming Access Points
With the built-in Live Streaming Server feature, every AREC DS-X01 in the network architecture can be used as another streaming access point for content delivery to reduce the load on the origin server and improve the viewing quality for the end users.

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