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Adena LS-200 Stay in Class Portable Set

SKU: LS-200 Stay-in-Class Set
Price without VAT 4.150,00 

Cost-effective set for lecture-capture and video conference connection in one box.



Extend the teaching and learning experience beyond the classroom
The "Tay in Class" set includes:
- Record and Stream (Media Station LS-200)
- Video Conferencing (HDMI to USB Bridge)
- Capture Video (IP Camera)
- Capture Audio (Wireless Microphone)
- Accessories (Mini Tripod, Hard Shell Case)

With all-in-one set, you can continue providing compelling online classes and have complete student interaction, even when students are not in front of you. Don't just talk to the camera - provide a combined view of your camera - provide a combined view of your camera, digital content (via HDMI / VGA) and stream/record it live or have a videoconference via Skype or other software with your students.

Create a virtual classroom and build your e-learning platform with AREC. All you need is to take it out of the box, plug it in, and start the call remotely!

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2 channels

Built-in Display



Button control


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