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Adena LS-200 Media Station

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Ultimate elegant two-channel media station to mix, record and stream your video and audio devices.



Capture 2 Video Sources at the Same Time
Via HDMI, VGA, RJ-45 interfaces or streaming inputs, AREC LS-200 supports up to 2 Full HD 1080p video and audio sources capturing, mixing, switching, recording and live streaming for users to produce a professional video easily and efficiently

Broadcast Your Mixed Video
AREC LS-200 can stream mixed video to up to 2 platforms simultaneously, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and other live broadcasting websites.

Real-Time Assistant in Video Making
Built-in Online Director of AREC LS-200 allows users to be in control of their recording/streaming. With one touch design, it’s possible to switch between sources, add or remove backgrounds and overlays, and change layouts and themes.

1 Mixed and 2 Individual Video Sources Recording
AREC LS-200 supports video and audio recording at once. As users choose “mixed plus original sources mode” recording, LS-200 can provide 1 mixed video and 2 individual source videos for flexible use.

AREC Video Manager: Videos with Just One Click
With the built-in Video Manager, administrators or teachers can manage videos stored in the LS-200 Media Station remotely. They can download, upload or delete a video file, and edit video information. With available APIs, all of the video content, metadata, and thumbnail can be delivered seamlessly for third party integration.

Backup Your Recordings
AREC LS-200 protects your videos by saving them on an internal 1TB hard drive. To increase security, LS-200 can automatically backup/upload recordings to AREC Media Center, FTP, SFTP, Opencast, Kaltura and Panopto.

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2 channels

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