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Adena KL-3 set S

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Record stationary and moving targets with Set S. Suitcase protects your KL-3 Media Station, AREC Cameras, AREC Wireless Microphone and
accessories with this rolling travel case.



Capture Up to 3 Video Sources at the Same Time
Via HDMI, VGA, RJ-45 interfaces or streaming inputs, KL-3 supports multiple video and audio recording at once. As users choose “mixed plus original sources mode” recording, KL-3 can provide 1 mixed video and 3 individual source videos for flexible use.

Portable Design for Easy Move
With 10.1” LCD screen, AREC KL-3 is a portable and all-in-one Media Station, allowing users to simultaneously capture, switch, mix, stream and record live/multi-sources events in demanding portable applications*.
(* KL Travel Case is the optional accessory)

Real-Time Assistant in Video Making
With AREC Online Director or on-screen GUI, KL-3 makes users easily switch and mix between sources, add or remove logos, backgrounds and overlay graphics (titles) for live production.

Broadcast Your Mixed Video
KL-3 can stream mixed video to up to 2 platforms simultaneously, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitch and other live broadcasting websites.

Intuitive and Versatile Control Options
AREC Online Director supports a wide range of control options, including Web Browser (IE, Firefox), Software Application (Windows, Mac OS), Touch-Friendly Graphical User Interface(GUI)* (*The on-screen GUI supports mouse device control through USB connection.), and Mini Controller from Mobile Device. With Mini Controller, AREC KL-3 can be accessed via browsers on Android or iOS phones and tablets – no particular apps required. Control buttons on the front of KL-3 are also provided.

AREC Video Manager: Videos with Just One Click
With the built-in video management platform, administrators or teachers can manage videos stored in the local Media Station remotely. They can download, upload or delete a video file, and edit video information. With available APIs, all of the video content, metadata, and thumbnail can be delivered seamlessly for third party integration.

Backup Your Recordings
With internal 1TB hard drive, KL-3 can save hundreds of hours recording videos. To increase security, KL-3 can automatically backup or upload recordings to AREC MediaCenter, FTP, SFTP, Opencast, Kaltura, Panopto and so on.

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3 channels

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