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Adena CI-403 Fixed Network camera

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Wide angle network camera ideal for capturing your audience. AREC CI-403 Full HD Fixed Network Camera offers 1080p Full HD stream at 60fps with excellent video quality. Built-in a 3x optical zoom lens with a wide 103-degree horizontal field of view, AREC CI-403 provides installation flexibility for different situations and locations, allowing users to capture wider image.



Fully Enjoy the High Definition Video
With high performance H.264 compression technology, AREC CI-403 Network Camera provides Full HD 1080p stream at 60fps, crystal-clear video with a minimum of bandwidth consumption, reducing the file size effectively.

Wide Viewing Angle
With a wide 103-degree horizontal viewing angle, AREC CI-403 makes it easier to cover every conference participant or student in view. From the web-based backstage or AREC Online Director*, users can control CI-403’s zoom in and room out remotely with auto focus feature. Control through AREC Online Director, CI series cameras should be connected with AREC Media Station in advance.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Noise Reduction
With the multi exposure HDR image processing technology, AREC CI-403 is capable of capturing outstanding video quality even under challenging light conditions. AREC CI-403 also provides 2D/3D digital noise reduction for the best images.

Simplicity Style for Diverse Indoor Environment
Adopting modern silver and white color, AREC CI-403’s simplicity style allows users to install the camera in accordance with diverse indoor environment, such as classrooms, meeting rooms or enterprise training rooms. The simple and light color also can reduce the nervousness of photographed people.

Additional information

Weight 0.510 kg
Dimensions 13.25 × 9.82 × 6.1 cm
Type of camera

Fixed camera

Optical zoom


Support Dual Streams



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