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Vivitek is a leading manufacturer of visual display and presentation products with extensive line-up of award-winning digital projection devices. Products of the company include the latest innovative technologies. Extensive line-up of projectors: for home cinema, education, large venue and meeting room projectors. Vivitek was the first to launch full high-definition LED home cinema projectors and was among the first to offer the tiny but powerful portable HD LED Qumi projectors to the mass market consumer.


The three cornerstones of Elmo, the Japanese innovative presentation technology company, are quality, innovation and service. By developing unique technologies, Elmo makes a positive contribution to the daily work of education, public sector and private companies. Elmo is one of the most important educational technology companies also in Latvia – document cameras produced by it are an effective tool for improving the learning process and an excellent assistant for displaying various teaching aids.


Legamaster is the leading manufacturer of high quality markers and pens. For over 60 years Legamaster is actively adapting its assortment to the latest trends and developments in communication technology. The range of Legamaster products includes classical presentation tools, different boards, interactive and projection products. Legamaster is characterised by ergonomic, durable, innovative, quality and functional attractive design.


Sony is a brand whose products speak for themselves – with the strength of creativity and technology, they fill the world with emotion. For over 50 years, Sony Professional has been demonstrating excellence in the development of technology and professional products, starting with the production of films and television shows and ending with live broadcasts. In addition, taking care of needs of different customers, Sony adds new value to its products providing a wide range of products and solutions such as digital projectors for cinemas, lecture recording and distribution systems for education and videoconferencing.


The most important aspect of any great product is how easy it is for anyone to use. Newline producing interactive whiteboards and interactive displays is committed to this belief in its work. The mission of Newline Interactive is providing solutions for customers that save them time and help them be more successful. This is achieved by creating state-of-the-art products that are so simple to use that everyone can interact and enjoy the innovation behind them.


Vivotek is one of the world's leading brands in the security and surveillance industry. The company has been offering its video surveillance solutions since 2000. Vivotek has developed comprehensive IP surveillance solutions, offering a complete security surveillance system and its automation, which confirms the company's uniqueness and high customer demand for the offered solutions. Vivotek solutions ensure the security of people and communities around the world — responsibility that also requires environmental sustainability.

Mikomax Smart Office

Mikomax is a company that works with customers in different countries of the world, offering solutions to improve their work and office environment. The company designs and equips workplaces, adapting to the changing and modern, thinking about people and their priorities, and each company individually, providing comfortable, innovative, and stable furniture solutions. The company offers classic office solutions, specially designed furniture, but its main product group is acoustic solutions, which allow everyone to participate in phone calls or meetings without interruption.


A2S is ergonomic school furniture of German quality. True qualitative and ergonomic furniture is not just the slogan of A2S, it is a promise that has been fulfilled for 80 years. A2S provides comprehensive room concepts with furniture that makes school a place where everyone feels comfortable. A2S challenges itself every day to achieve new standards for furniture and their design. is in harmony with A2S like a hand in a glove: we share the vision and the belief that children are the most valuable resource for the future and that good education is an important investment, so quality of education is our priority.


Nautilus has a very wide offer, working on two main axes, school furniture and technologies for education. The company differentiates itself from the competition, offering a complete and integrated solution for the reality of today’s schools, whose needs have evolved. In practice, a Nautilus activity is more comprehensive, consisting of this production ofwooden, metallic and polypropylene furniture, which are not only for the school segment, but also invest in the production of furniture for offices, libraries, churches and museums, etc.


Adena is a global company that designs, develops, and sells innovative audio-visual solutions. Company's motto “We Know How” confirms the uniqueness of its solutions and the ability to make the complex simple. Adena's mission is to create products that make lecture and meeting recordings, live and multimedia applications more productive and smarter.


Work is a company from Spain dedicated to the production of professional lighting and audio products. Over 20 years of experience have made Work the most important manufacturer in the industry. The company offers a wide range of qualitative audio and lighting products, not only developing new products but also constantly upgrading existing ones, respecting the feedback, recommendations and comments of end users.

Lynx Pro Audio

Lynx Pro Audio’s mission is to design some of the most advanced and innovative sound systems available on the market. Lynx Pro Audio believes that sound is important in every life, it tells stories, changes perception of the world and creates memories. Using proven techniques and values, the company provides the best sound features. Every device and its function are researched and developed to give customers the very best.


Grandview Crystal Screen Co. Ltd. is a global leading projection screen manufacturer, offering a complete line of internationally recognised screens. The quality, consistency and social responsibility of Grandview® was awarded by numerous international titles and certificates. Grandview® projection screens are used at different events in over 80 countries worldwide, including at Olympic Games, World Expo exhibitions, in hotels, administrative, educational and other institutions. The Grand View® flexible production system provides high capacity, while 20 quality control stations and 32 complete test platforms offer high quality reputation. Each motor and finished product has a unique code, so that its quality can be tracked.


Screenint is an Italian company specialized in manufacturing high quality projection screens and motorized lifts, as well as their parts. The company offers solutions of different types and sizes to meet the needs of each customer. Screenint has received a “green company” status thanks to the environmentally friendly materials used in the production process.

JBL by Harman

Only one word has come to mind in the past six or seven decades when playing music and movie recordings, and it is JBL. JBL was with us° before THX and Dolby, and even before stereo and Hi-Fi. Today, the sound of JBL Professional is heard in 70% of professional venues, including legendary recording studios, famous concert sites and premiere cinemas, and houses of worship, conference centres, educational establishments and elsewhere. Award-winning JBL products with revolutionary audio technology based on surprising innovation provide the most accurate, best-quality sound reproduction possible. Chief engineers and performers entrust JBL to fulfil all their sound-quality desires with such well-known basic products as VerTec®, EON ® and ScreenArray®.


Extron products are intended for the development of fully integrated technology solutions that work without difficulty with the existing IT infrastructure of your organisation. Switching, configurable control systems, classifiers, signal processing equipment and high resolution cables are just some of the more than 5000 products offered by this professional manufacturer. Extron is the world leader in training the professional audiovisual sector, providing training to over 12,000 audiovisual technology professionals, including technicians, every year.

BSS by Harman

BSS by Harman has earned its international reputation in the processing of audio signals by addressing the real needs of professional musicians. In live-sound systems and studio installations, BSS products are powerful, ergonomically focused examples of research that feature outstanding design and perfect quality.

AMX by Harman

AMX by Harman, the inventor of a control panel, has been the leader in innovative automation and video distribution for more than 30 years. Its philosophy for the AV IT World has earned the company a place in the boards of Fortune 100 companies, training centres of the best universities, president, prime minister, defence departments and control centres of intelligence units around the world. AMX enables the creation of innovative, scalable technology solutions for meeting rooms, as well as the development of extensive video distribution and management solutions. Regardless of whether AMX is located in one or more locations around the world, it provides sophisticated manageable technologies with reliable, consistent and scalable systems that are easy to use. To ensure product compatibility, AMX collaborates with hundreds of manufacturers, including Honeywell, Polycom and Samsung.

CROWN by Harman

Crown Audio by Harman is a sound amplification pioneer that has been designing and manufactures world-class professional audio products for more than 65 years. More than 60 patents for amplifier technologies have been obtained, and Crown amplifiers and system control features are basic products in live and stationary sound equipment, starting with large stadiums and arenas and ending with portable reinforcement systems for musicians and DJs. Crown is an industry leader in integrating network amplifiers and digital signal processing (DSP) into amplifiers, which has created many innovative designs, including the series of DriveCore™ installations (DCi) that replaces more than 500 parts with a single small chip. Each Crown product includes proven technology and advanced, reliable high-performance systems required by respected sound companies, including some of the largest tycoons in the entertainment and audio industry.

AKG by Harman

AKG by Harman can be called a technology power plant with at least 1500 international patents. For over 65 years, it has been developing and perfecting products for live music, records, broadcasts and basic installations. The remarkable AKG microphones and headphones are a synthesis of industrial design, innovative electronics and world-class acoustics that produce one of the truest and most natural sounds in audio history.


For over 40 years Vogel’s has been an international expert on audiovisual equipment mounting solutions. Vogel’s, a manufacturer of professional mounts, offers a variety of mounts for screens, monitors, tablets, projectors and videoconferencing systems. From the smallest detail to the finished product Vogel’s products and their capabilities are unique, safe and qualitative. This is confirmed not only by customers but also by international standards such as ISO 9001:2008 and TÜV Nord safety standards. High quality parts made by Fischer are used in the mounts.


Barco is a global technology leader that develops visualization and innovative collaboration solutions for the entertainment, enterprise, and healthcare markets. The company offers a wide range of wireless presentation and video transmission equipment. These are solutions that facilitate the exchange of knowledge, sound decision-making, work organization and transparency. Barco equipment ensures close team collaboration and makes it easier to share knowledge and experience.


Catchbox empowers engagement through meaningful participation. By adding a unique fun factor without diminishing the importance of the topic, their products allow everyone to unleash their creativity and feel at ease throwing bright ideas into the room. Their aim is to make participation something everybody is comfortable with; to make asking a question to a packed out conference or lecture hall no more stressful than chatting with the person sitting next to you. They are incredibly passionate about what they do, so they only work with the leading suppliers and manufacturing methods to ensure the best quality end product.


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